Prevent-IT! Warehouse Safety

Everything you need for tailor-made, job-focused hazard awareness training and assessments that deal with real life situations - online.

Training-room delivered and using an extensive library of hazard scenarios photographed at a variety of warehouse locations, Prevent-IT! Warehouse Safety helps develop knowledge of different hazard types and the ability to quickly assess a situation and deal with it correctly among staff who:
  • use static or moving warehouse equipment or who work in proximity to it
  • are required to walk, operate vehicles or work in proximity to pedestrians or vehicular traffic
  • move palletised and boxed loads using powered equipment or manually
  • supervise
Coverage includes:

  • Goods In / Out
  • Storage
  • Pedestrian vehicle use
  • Manual handling
  • Work at height
  • Ride on vehicle use
Teaching others is recognised as an effective aid to retaining information, and it builds commitment to safety into the work group culture.

Group Training's trainer-led peer learning applies individual experience, perception, understanding and ideas to practical problem-solving, creating opportunities for reflection and practising working together. Constructive safety conversations maximise commitment to behavioural improvement and stimulate positive engagement with safety and operational issues. On-screen tools keep the discussion flowing and to the point.

The competence assessments generate date and time-stamped records with measures of hazard-spotting performance. Assessments do not rely on operatives' knowledge of English.

Warehouse Safety is available with and without the Results Management System for tracking course attendance and assessment performance. The RMS has additional resources for building custom assessments and for safety training preparation.

Prevent-IT! Warehouse Safety helps grow employees' learning, thinking and people skills, as well as knowledge. It supports both formal and ad hoc training and delivers competence assessments quickly and efficiently. It is useful for employee selection, for induction, the assignment of new responsibilities and for post-incident training.

Licences from £360.

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