Wellness Workshops

Prevent-IT! Wellness Workshops deliver in-company Take an Hour, add to Life training, reducing sickness absence and improving staff's commitment and ability to deal with new challenges.

The programme of bite-sized workshops for groups of up to 20 includes substantial post-workshop support Staff are empowered to take control of their health, encouraged to integrate healthy living into their life at work and at home and re-energized for lasting performance improvement.
73% of office computer users report pain in their neck, back and / or limbs - Health & Safety Executive

...around 90% of men and 80% of women will be overweight...the annual economic cost of sickness absence...greater than the annual budget for the NHS - Dame Carol Black, DWP and UCL Medical School

Workshop 1.  Release Energy  (1 hour live workshop):
  • fitness, eating and drinking patterns, how energy gets diverted and what to do about it
  • circulation and upper back exercise
  • feedback and personal implications
followed by twelve-week detox, nutrition and lifestyle routemap and group report to employer

Workshop 2.  Build Momentum  (1 hour live workshop):
  • making exercise and nutrition fit lifestyle
  • circulation and lower back / legs exercise
  • pain prevention
followed by exercise plan, online mentoring service and group report

Our workshop facilitators are leading personal trainers in fitness and nutrition. The workshops build on a matrix of state of the art knowledge, internationally proven techniques, stimulus and participation. Each is unique, reflecting pre-workshop discussion and research, client-specific research and the in-workshop feedback.

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