Prevent-IT! Office Safety

Health and Safety e-learning and assessment available online, on demand and at the workstation.

Learning is user-led and jargon-free. Staff are helped to understand the implications of bad practice, shown good practice and encouraged to follow it.

All versions produce a date and time-stamped record of compliance which states staff members' answers to both the self assessment questionnaire and the test.

Office Safety modules are available with and without a Results Management System that focuses on issues at three levels - across the organisation, by department and by individual. This can be set up to give department managers access to the same information on their teams as central administrators have.

The RMS provides a means for you and authorised managers to control prioritisation. It helps direct effort at the most urgent problems and quicken response. Follow-up logs track each problem to resolution. And the cross-module To Do list keeps you in control.

Prevent-IT! Wellness Workshops provide staff with the concepts and practical tools necessary to motivate changing to a healthy lifestyle, make that change and support colleagues with theirs.

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