Mumsafe is a compliance system dealing with the special needs of expectant and new mothers who do office work or are contact centre agents.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require the risks to be formally assessed. Organisations benefit from the availability of assessment on demand to allow them to consider what is required and permit a timely response. Mumsafe enables management to:
  • act on requirements that would not be revealed by standard risk assessments, thereby helping to manage employees' health and safety
  • comply with regulations
  • demonstrate a responsible and caring attitude
But, using Mumsafe, mothers know how to make sure of working safely, too. In friendly, jargon-free language, Mumsafe brings out both pre and post-pregnancy issues, prompts mothers to follow the specific medical advice that they receive and keep their employer informed.

Both training and assessment, together, take three minutes to complete for expectant mothers - and less for the new mothers option.

Topics covered include:

  • driving to work
  • air quality
  • hydration
  • the importance of movement
  • access issues
  • noise
  • tiredness and sleeping
  • lifting, stretching and work at height

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