The Prevent-IT! range of Health & Safety solutions is recommended by members of the Prevent-IT! network of independent consultancies for the efficient reduction of clients' risk exposure.

Network members are practitioners with cross-sector expertise. They are Inside Track's partners in developing and distributing the Prevent-IT! range of Health & Safety applications.

Our approach makes the employee central to Health & Safety training and assessment data collection. Prevent-IT! modules prepare staff to take action responsibly and provide year-round support. They enable risk assessors to focus on problem solving, cutting response times.

Best practice is where Health & Safety sense is thoroughly integrated into peoples' lives. It's the reason why we build support tools into our DSE HealthWorks and why Prevent-IT! Warehouse Safety makes full use of employees’ own experience and insights. The SpotCheck hazard reporting and management application takes integration a stage further by providing your people with a means of reporting hazards, instantly and from anywhere, helping you act quickly and efficiently to manage and eliminate risk to them and to the organisation, itself.

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