DSE HealthWorks

Prevent-IT! DSE HealthWorks helps you meet your obligations under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, amended in 2002.

Training content and support respond to individual needs. In addition to comprehensive core training on office ergonomics, there are optional sections on laptop use, desk lighting, hot desking, pregnancy and wheelchair use.

There's a quick setup guide that quickly deals with hot desking issues without having to log in and, in annually licensed versions, YMove video desk exercises to help everyone loosen-up - ideal for micro-breaks.

With a choice of affordable packages, DSE HealthWorks provides support that is tailored to users' circumstances and is adaptable to time pressures. The DSE HealthWorks course:
  • creates awareness of the symptoms of ergonomic problems and their risk potential
  • reduces risk exposure through correct workstation setup and equipment use and other preventative measures
  • clarifies entitlements
  • helps DSE users understand their responsibilities to their employer and an employer's responsibilities to them
  • uses a comprehensive self assessment questionnaire to identify outstanding issues
  • tests users' competence via a short, multiple choice questionnaire
DSE HealthWorks is available as a hosted solution for small to medium employers and for medium to large employers. Both include a test and self assessment and generate a date and time-stamped results printout. The larger employers' version also produces an optional course certificate and features a powerful cross-module Results Management System.

There is a separate edition of DSE HealthWorks for intensive telephone users.

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