Prevent-IT! Contact Centre Safety

There's a Prevent-IT! DSE HealthWorks for contact centres because the equipment and the intensity of work create Health & Safety issues that are distinct from those of general offices. Reducing tiredness and sickness raises productivity and improves customer service.

Like its Office Safety equivalent, this DSE HealthWorks provides training and support meeting the requirements of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations. There is additional contact centre specific information on hearing, voice health precautions and in other areas.

The interactive training avoids jargon. It uses visual and verbal "hooks" to show good and bad practice and bring home the benefits of good practice. Prevent-IT! DSE HealthWorks builds confidence by helping staff to to identify problems and deal with them, themselves.

Delivered directly to the workstation, DSE HealthWorks makes the best use of time. The quick setup visual checklist takes just a minute or two when taking over a shared workstation. Other features include seconds-long YMove exercises and direct access to the questionnaires for fast, post-resolution assessments.

For larger employers, a Results Management System provides real-time diagnostics, organisation-wide and department-level analysis and a follow-up audit trail to help prioritise, monitor and efficiently focus compliance activity.

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